A key component of SPARC's overall strategy is advocating for policy changes at the local, national, and international levels that support the use of technology to advance scholarly communication, and which explicitly recognize that dissemination of results of research is an essential, inseparable component of the research process. SPARC leverages the power of its more than North American 220 members, including libraries of all types and sizes - plus its national partners - to advocate for policy shifts that support wider research sharing.  Our active advocacy program brings together the collective muscle of our member libraries, and leverages our resources for on-campus communication, to pursue local and federal policies moves that compel wider access to research and scholarship.

SPARC actively supports policies for public access to publicly funded research outputs, including articles, data and educational resources. Find out more about the issue areas where SPARC is active, and the specific institutional and national issues that are hot right now, and how you can get involved.

Not a librarian? SPARC is strong believer in leveraging collective action, and is an active supporter of coalitions who share our policy aims. If you’re a student, an academic, a researcher, or just an interested member of the public, visit or join our partners at: 

The Alliance for Taxpayer Access is a coalition of patient groups, physicians, researchers, educational institutions, publishers, and health promotion organizations that support barrier-free access to taxpayer-funded research.

The Right to Research Coalition is an international alliance of student organizations, which represent nearly 7 million students in over 100 countries, that work to promote Open Access through education and advocacy.



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