Open Access Week Kickoff Event Program Announced; Student and Early Career Researcher Involvement Highlighted

Washington, DC — The 2014 International Open Access Week Kickoff Event, co-hosted by SPARC and the World Bank, will focus on this year’s theme of “Generation Open.” The hour-long kickoff event will take place on Monday, October 20th, at 3pm EDT at the World Bank headquarters in downtown Washington, DC.  It aims to provide a forum for students and early career researchers to have a lively conversation with an expert panel representing research funders, university administrators, and scholarly societies, exploring how the transition to Open Access affects scholars and researchers at different stages of their careers. 

The event will also highlight some of the most interesting student and early career researcher-led initiatives that exemplify the “Generation Open” theme for International Open Access Week, including a preview of the worldwide launch of the Open Access Button.

Moderated by early career researcher Meredith Niles, the kickoff event will feature questions from both the in-person and online audiences.  The panel will discuss the role that institutions central to a career in research can play in supporting—and rewarding—early career researchers in making their articles and underlying data openly accessible.

The following expert panelists will be featured:

  • Stefano Bertuzzi: Executive Director, American Society for Cell Biology
  • José-Marie Griffiths: Vice President for Academic Affairs, Bryant University
  • Meredith Niles: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Sustainability Science Program, Harvard University
  • Jerry Sheehan: Assistant Director for Policy Development, National Library of Medicine

Topics of discussion will likely include: the role research evaluation plays in incentivizing openness; how students and early career researchers have created change on campus and nationally; suggestions for how to advocate for Open Access with co-authors and PIs; what the institutions represented by the panelists can do to support early career researchers in making their work open; and more.

A free webcast and LiveBlog of the panel discussion will be available at No registration is required to view the webcast; however, participants are strongly encouraged to sign up to receive event updates and reminders. A recorded version of the webcast and LiveBlog can be found here.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions prior to the event through the form below, which will increase the likelihood the panel will be able to address them.  Questions can also be asked during the event directly through the webcast platform and through Twitter using the hashtag #OAweek2014.

Registration for the in-person event in Washington, DC is free but required. Please register by October 16th at Photo IDs are required and please allow for time for on-site security screening. The address for the event venue is provided on the registration page. 

Please click here to register for webcast reminders, and use the form below to submit your questions in advance.

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