SPARC enews/March 2012

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1. News from SPARC and the Alliance for Taxpayer Access


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2. SPARC Partner News
Please see the SPARC Web site for a complete list of news from SPARC partners.
3.   Highlights from the Open Access movement
All recent OA-related developments tagged by participants in the OA Tracking Project (OATP):
The subset of recent OA-related developments tagged by Peter Suber as "roundup-worthy":
4. Authors & Researchers


Research is more valuable when it's shared

Sharing enables new research to build on earlier findings. It not only fuels the further advancement of knowledge, it brings scientists and scholars the recognition that advances their careers. In the digital world, the ways we share and use scholarly material are expanding — rapidly, fundamentally, irreversibly.

READ more More SPARC Resources for Authors.


5. Resources for Publishers
Developing a sound business model is a critical concern of publishers considering open access distribution. Selecting the model appropriate to a particular journal will depend not only on the expense hurdle that must be cleared, but also on the publisher’s mission objectives, size, business management resources, risk tolerance, tax status, and institutional or corporate affiliation.
CONTACT: Raym Crow, SPARC Senior Consultant (crow [at] arl [dot] org)
6. SPARC Resources for Students 
On the 27th and 28th of February, the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS) hosted over 40 leaders of graduate student governments from across the United States in Washington DC to lobby their representatives in support of the Federal Research Public Access Act (FRPAA) and other legislation viewed as vitally important to the graduate student community.  Students are encouraged to visit the Right to Research Coalition FRPAA action page, contact their representatives, and raise awareness of the bill and its importance to the student community.
Also this month, the Right to Research Coalition has surged past the 50 member mark, welcoming a number of new members including the Russian Young Doctors League, the University of Colorado Student Government, and the University of Colorado United Government of Graduate Students.
CONTACT: Nick Shockey, SPARC Director of Student Advocacy (nick [at] arl [dot] org)
7. Upcoming events

June 23, 2012
ALA Annual Conference - Anaheim, CA

8.  Articles of Interest