Summary of the Peruvian OA legislation

Here is a summary of the Peruvian OA legislation:

1) The legislation establishes a centralized digital repository called the National Open Access Digital Repository ("Repositorio Nacional Digital de Acceso Abierto") to be administered by the National Council in Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (Concytec). This repository will host the digital outputs resulting from research in science, technology and innovation (books, publications, journal articles, technical documents, software, data and statistics, theses and similar documents).

2) It requires depositing data into this centralized digital repository by:

- public sector entities

- private sector entities or individuals that voluntarily would like to share their information under the technical and academic conditions established by the legislation.

- private entities or individuals whose research results have been publicly financed.

- entities and individuals whose activities in science, technology and innovation are part of Sinacyt (National System of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation).

3) In addition to those entities mentioned above, the legislation applies to:

- digital files and software from research in science and technology that receive subsidies, funding or loans from the public purse or from members of Sinacyt. The research contracts must include a clause mandating the deposit of these documents in the National Open Access Digital Repository.

- information resulting from research follow up or monitoring activities by the public institution members of Sinacyt.

- information on recipients of scholarships for Masters degree studies.

- metadata of research outputs that are protected by copyright, with a commitment to deposit the entire work once the embargo period has expired, but without violating the national copyright legislation.

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