Program Committee

Members of the Program Committee for the 2014 SPARC Open Access meeting include:

  • Bev Acreman (BioMed Central)
  • Rich Baraniuk (Rice University)
  • Raym Crow (SPARC)
  • Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Modern Language Association)
  • Diane Graves (Trinity University)
  • Melissa Hagemann (Open Science Foundation)
  • Heather Joseph (SPARC)
  • Rick Luce (University of Oklahoma)
  • Bram Luyten (@mire)
  • Liz Lyon (UKOLN)
  • Catherine Mitchell (CDL)
  • Peter Murray-Rust (Cambridge University)
  • Meredith Niles (NAGPS)
  • Paul Peters (Hindawi Publishing Group)
  • David Porter (BCCampus)
  • Nick Shockey (The Right to Research Coalition)
  • Greg Tananbaum (SPARC)
  • Andrew Waller (University of Calgary)
  • John Wilbanks (Sage Bionetworks)
  • Darlene Yaplee (PLoS)

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