Other Canadian Initiatives to Improve Access to Research

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  • The Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) is an organization that negotiates with publishers on behalf of a consortium of Canadian universities to provide access to as much electronic published content as possible, mainly journal articles, for the lowest price.
  • Synergies is a project that will bring Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities research to the Internet, by assisting Canadian publishers in the Humanities and Social Sciences to publish in digital form through the use of an infrastructure developed at the university of Montreal called Érudit.
  • Canadiana.org is a project to digitize Canada’s analogue content (such as books, films, newspapers, etc.) and will organize and facilitate access to and use of that content for everyone over the Internet.


“Putting our work in an institutional repository has the advantage of getting us priority on search engines. It makes our work more accessible and therefore it potentially has more impact.”

--Dr. Linda Hutcheon, Professor of English, University of Toronto