Campus-based Open-access Publishing Funds

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An open-access fund is a pool of money set aside by an institution to support publication models that enable free, immediate, online distribution of, and access to, scholarly research. 

SPARC supports experimentation with open-access funds across institutions of all shapes and sizes. By making it easier for authors to publish in open-access journals, open-access funds foster the exploration of new and innovative publishing models across the research community. Read more...

For more help

If, after you've had a chance to explore these resources and read the guide, you have additional questions, please contact SPARC and we'll connect you with the leaders whose experience informed this entire site. (Where individuals are available to contact directly, their information is included). Contact: Andrea Higginbotham through andrea [at] arl [dot] org.

SPARC is grateful for the leadership, commitment, and input of these North American fund pioneers in the development of this resource. 

Chuck Eckman, Simon Fraser University
Ed Van Gemert, University of Wisconsin - Madison
JQ Johnson, University of Oregon
Molly Keener, Wake Forest University
Anne Kenney, Cornell University
Kate McGraw, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Linda Phillips, University of Tennessee
Stuart Shieber, Harvard University
Andrew Waller, University of Calgary
Beth Weil, University of California - Berkeley


Campus-based open-access Publishing Funds: A Practical Guide to Design and Implementation

The SPARC guide, by Greg Tananbaum, is not an advocacy document promoting the launch of Open-access Funds. Rather, we aim to help institutions that are curious to better understand why funds are being launched, the considerations and decisions involved in their creation, and how existing funds are being managed. Should you choose to move forward with creating an open-access fund, this guide will help you to do so with your best foot forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Administrators, Authors, and Publishers, plus basics on Open Access and funds.

Open-access Funds in Action

Download a PDF of this living document describing North American funds in action across a variety of characteristics, including fund size, sponsorship, requirements, and more. 

Implementation Tools

Templates to help get you started if you decide to move ahead.

Case Studies

The first wave of literature analyzing the early endeavors in OA funds is beginning to appear. These documents may help inform your understanding of the trend.

In the News

The following articles provide additional detail and analysis regarding open-access funds.