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Believing that collaboration is crucial to effecting meaningful change, SPARC actively pursues partnerships with the non-profit publishing community and continues to develop resources and tools that aid publishers in remaining competitive and providing affordable options for libraries.

SPARC Consulting

The SPARC Consulting Group (SCG) provides business, financial, and strategic consulting services to universities and university presses, learned societies, and other academic and nonprofit organizations. It supports the development, launch and operation of scholarly communications projects by helping make them more competitive, financially self-sufficient, and better equipped to serve scholars and the marketplace.

Products & Services

SPARC offers a list of potentially useful technologies for institutions, societies, or new publishing ventures in the following categories. (Not endorsed by SPARC unless noted).


Guides and Planning Resource

If you're a new publisher or an established group considering other business models, explore SPARC Publications for guides on non-profit publishing cooperatives, defining and negotiating successful sponsorships, converting subscription-based journals to open access, getting your journal indexed, and more.

Explore SPARC Publications for more useful papers, presentations, and media files -- including "Publishing Cooperatives -- An Alternative for Society Publishers[PDF]."

Income Models for Supporting Open Access

This Web site and accompanying guide provide an overview of income models currently being used to support the open-access distribution of peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific journals. These resources will be a useful tool both for publishers exploring new potential sources of income and for libraries weighing where to direct meager library funds.

The NIH Public Access Policy

Please see our NIH page for recent growth in author submission rates, copyright considerations, text of the law, a list of journals that deposit on behalf of authors, and more. The Open Access Directory also publishes a list of publisher policies adapted to help authors comply with the NIH policy.

SPARC and ACRL release materials on the progress of open access journal publishing

SPARC and ACRL have released interviews and analysis exploring in depth the views of three major open access publishers on the challenges of sustainability. The materials were produced in conjunction with the 15th SPARC-ACRL Forum on Emerging Issues in Scholarly Communication, which took place on June 23, 2007.

The Forum offered participants the opportunity to engage in conversation with top executives from the three organizations. Speakers included Mark Patterson, director of publishing for the Public Library of Science; Bryan Vickery, deputy publisher for BioMed Central and Editorial Director for Chemistry Central; and Paul Peters, director of business development for Hindawi Publishing Corporation. Alma Swan of Key Perspectives Ltd., moderated the session. The new materials offer a deeper level of insight into the three publishers’ business models.